Dave McVay / Bio

Dave McVay has been singing for as long as he can remember. “My parents said that I would jabber in tune to the radio even before I could talk”, he shares. “I grew up singing in church, with my family, where Dad was the pastor. I always loved to sing harmony!” Dave gave his life to Jesus Christ at age 12 during a weeklong revival.

Dave moved to Nashville in 1982 to pursue a career in country music. For ten years he performed with some of the biggest names in country music, like Garth Brooks, Randy Travis and Alan Jackson, just to name a few. However, there was emptiness during this time in his life. “I wasn’t where God wanted me to be”, he relates. “I left country music feeling I had wasted ten years. I felt like I wanted to abandon music entirely. My relationship with God was non-existent because I had placed God at the bottom of my list of priorities.” However, God had a plan. Dave and his wife Wanda began visiting First Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN. “Wanda was excited about going! I was reluctant. My heart was all out of whack! She was faithful to attend and take the kids, even when I wouldn’t go. Wanda was devoted to God and praying for me to turn my life around.”
Through the combination of a great church, love, devotion and the power of a praying wife, God reached out to draw Dave closer to Him. “I slowly began attending church with my family and the music ministry drew me in! I was like a sponge, just soaking it up! I hadn’t realized how spiritually parched I was! God placed me at the right church at the right time.” Dave rededicated his life to Jesus Christ and began singing in the sanctuary choir, ensembles, praise teams and was (and continues to be) a featured soloist at FBCH.

After ten years of serving at First Baptist Church Hendersonville, TN… God opened another door of ministry opportunity for Dave. In July of 2003 Dave joined Three Bridges to sing tenor. During his four years with this group, he was instrumental in helping develop the “sound” that they became known for. Dave sang on four CD’s that generated several top 20 charted songs, including three #1 hits. Songs like “Cooling Water”, “In The Sky” and “A Little Song Coming On” became instant favorites of fans and industry insiders alike!
After four years ministering in music with Three Bridges, Dave began his solo ministry!
Even as a solo artist, Dave continues to love singing in groups and has filled in singing tenor with Phil Cross & Poet Voices and a few occasions with the LeFevre Quartet.

Whether in a group or as a soloist, Dave brings a true heart for ministry to the forefront. “My ministry focus is salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. HE is my Savior and Lord!